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It's A New Year

We feel gratitiude for what we accomplished in the past year, and we now look forward to new and exciting ventures as we move through this new year. It's a new year and a fresh start. 


Never Underestimate The Power Of Customer Service

Never underestimate the power of Customer Service. At The PDI Group, we take customer service very seriously. 

Even though the PDI is mandatory before occupancy or closing, it can't be taken lightly, or for granted. It has to be done in a way where the purchasers feel part of the process. It's not enough to just look for deficiencies, you need to engage with the purchasers. You need to be able to relate to the purchasers, answering all of their questions and addressing their concerns so that they can walk away feeling confident that their builder is taking good care of them, and that what they say is not falling on deaf ears.

We know that we have done our job when the purchasers are excited by the time the PDI is over. When the purchasers thank us for making the experience informative and laid back. When the purchasers ask our reps for a hug because they appreciated how approachable, friendly and informative they were doing the PDI.  This is why The PDI Group never underestimates the power of Customer Care, and this is why builders sub-contract us over and over again.

Our Training Program Is In Session

It is the start of another training season here at The PDI Group. Because we are expanding beyond the GTA, we have wonderful, experienced customer care men and woman who are taking our extensive training program to become PDI Representatives. We are so excited to have them on board. We know that they will continue in our tradition of conducting professional, informative PDI's along with first class customer service.


There Is More To A PDI Than Quick and Clean

I know how competitive it is out there. Many PDI companies trying to convince builders that they are the right company for the job. Their prices are low, and their PDI's are quick and clean.  It all sounds so good.  Problem is, quick and clean can end up becoming time consuming and expensive.  

A PDI definitely needs to be done in a timely manner, but it also needs to be thorough and educational for the purchaser.  We believe that if a purchaser is receiving excellent customer care during their PDI, they tend to have a more harmonious relationship with their builder. Purchasers appreciate being well taken care of, especially after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so when the PDI is informative and when the purchasers don't feel as if they are being rushed, this is the recipe for much more than satisfaction. This is what builders want and this is what purchasers want. We understand that.  This is what make The PDI Group stand out from the rest. 


Subcontracting Makes Sense

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, subcontracting just makes sense. It's not because we are subcontractors that I say this, it's because I know first hand how cost effective it really is. I have been on the other side, working for builders and taking employees away from their work, including my own job as Director of Customer Care, to conduct PDI's. That costs the builder money and time away from the jobs that they should be doing, especially when there are time restrictions. Subcontracting truly is the cost effective way to go.


Customer Service Is An Attitude

Customer Service is not a department, it's an attitude.  Those words are very true. Customer service starts from the very first moment that we talk to potential clients. It then extends into the job that we do, and carries on throughout the business relationship. Customer Service is definitely an attitude, and it speaks to the way a company does business.


Always Working To Exceed Your Expectations

The PDI Group is always working hard to ensure that both builders and purchasers are happy and satisfied with our PDI's. Our efforts are rewarded by builders who use our services once, and then hire us back again and again. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team, and we will continue to exceed your expectations.

The Power of Knowledge

Working in the construction industry, my philosophy has always been "a savvy purchaser becomes a happy homeowner".  I built my business on it.  It's just makes sense that if people understand the process and procedures, there is less chance of friction between the builder and their purchaser's/homeowners.  I totally believe in the power of knowledge.  


The Best You Can Be

“Being The Best You Can be”, is a saying that I believe should be the mantra of everyone who is in business. They are words of encouragement, they are words to continue to strive for to achieve your successes. Being the best you can be means, with hard work, positive attitude, and integrity, we can achieve anything. 

This doesn’t happen over night.  It takes time to build trust with clients.  It takes time to prove that you are exceeding their expectations.  To be the best you can be is something to aspire to. It helps us stay focused and to set goals. It gives us direction to become the company that people can depend on for now and in the future.

Tarion Homeowners Choice Awards

Tarion's Homeowners Choice Awards are not to be taken lightly. They are a very important component when it comes to a purchaser's decision when choosing a builder. Every builder wants their homeowners to be happy, and that starts from the day they purchase their new home. From signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale right through to their Pre Delivery Inspection. Everyone will make an impact on how your clients are feeling.

We are honoured when builders hire us to become part of their team, and a part of the whole process. We take pride in our PDI's because we know the importance of ensuring that your purchaser's feel well taken care of. Our PDI's are informative, respectful and, most importantly, inclusive. It's the inclusive part that your purchaser's appreciate because they feel like they are a part of the process....which they are. Builders appreciate our course of action.


Two Little Words

"Customer Service", those two little words are used so often that their meaning becomes almost lost. Those two little words however, are very powerful. They have the power to build a business or to ruin a business.

Customer Service is not just a department contained within a company, it is an attitude, personality, mannerisms. It starts the moment that your client walks through the door and never ends. Everyone who deals with that client, no matter how insignificant, must have excellent customer service skills. It only takes one negative interaction that can turn a positive situation into a disaster.

Customer Service can't be taken lightly or abused, because it will turn the tides in an instant. The act of customer service must be respected and taken seriously because it will help you build the reputation that is needed to build your business.

I am a great believer in excellent customer service. I have seen it at its best, working to create strong, long lasting relationships, and I have seen it at its worst, wreaking havoc throughout a company.

So, those two little words, "Customer Service" are not so little after all. They are important words that need to be respected and taken literally at all times. Customer service plays a large role in whether our business is successful or not.


Conducting A PDI Is Not For Everyone

Can anyone conduct a PDI? The answer is No. A PDI is not just a walk through of a house or condo looking for deficiencies, it is much more than that. It is having the ability to build trust with the purchaser, it is having the ability to defuse a negative situation with kindness and understanding. It is being present emotionally not just physically, and most importantly, you must be a people person who understands the importance of patience, and has oodles of them, along with thick skin.  

Not everybody enjoys working so closely with people in an emotionally charged situation, and that is perfectly ok. I worked with someone many years ago when I was the Director of Customer Care for a builder. This person informed me that she could never conduct PDI's. It's not that she didn't know what she was doing, as a matter of fact, she new quite a great deal about construction and the condo units on our site. Her issue was, she did not enjoy working directly with people, and she recognized her sensitivity and inability not to take things personally. I totally respected her honesty. I certainly didn't want to put her in a situation that could potentially turn disastrous for our purchasers and for her. I appreciated that she was up front regarding her feelings. There are many people who may be friendly, and fun to be with, but who do not do well under pressure while dealing with potentially stressed out and anxious purchasers.

So, conducting PDI's are not for everyone. It's a job that cannot be taken lightly as your people skills are put to the test every time you enter into a Pre Deliver Inspection. 

Subcontracting Is The Way To Go

There are many advantages to subcontracting, including cost reduction, maintaining quality assurance, and preventing problems. Using a subcontractor allows your full time staff to concentrate on the core business which is cost and time effective. There are no worries regarding layoffs either because, once the job is completed so are the subcontractors.

Another very important aspect of subcontracting is preventing reputational damage. Word of mouth plays a very large role in what people hear, and ultimately perceive, about your company. By surrounding yourself with the right team, you are ensuring that you will never find yourself in an unfavourable predicament, which could have damaging repercussions. 

Subcontracting is a positive step in maintaining high quality work by using professionals for specific company needs. Subcontracting is the way to go.

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