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The PDI Group/DF Consultants was founded to address a critical gap in the construction industry: the lack of purchaser knowledge and inclusiveness post-purchase of new houses and condos. From the beginning, we recognized that well-informed purchasers, who understand the process, procedures, and Tarion guidelines, collaborate more effectively and harmoniously with their builders.

Our core belief is that an informed purchaser is a satisfied homeowner, a principle consistently validated through our dedicated work and client interactions.

construction workers

Services For Builders

Professional, site specific, After Sales Service


Professional Pre Delivery Inspections

Professional Quality Control Inspections

Tarion 30 Day, Year End and Second Year Form Inspections

Customer Care Seminars,
to enhance and reboot
your team

Meet, Mingle
and Educate Event.


Services For Purchasers

One on one consultations, including:


Educating purchasers in
New Home After Sales Service Procedures.

Explain Tarion rules, role and procedures

Attend PDI with purchasers or
as their designate

Leasing a Home

Real Estate Agents

Agents have realized that giving our services as a gift to their clients who buy new builds, helps to make the transition into their new home a positive experience.  They want to ensure that their clients are well informed.  


We  are the only company who offers services geared to the purchaser, and your clients will thank you for it. 


Services that we provide:

Attend the PDI with your client

One on One Consultations

Group Seminars


Customer Care Seminars

Educational, interactive
and insightful

Discuss the art of a professional PDI, office procedures, Tarion & purchaser interaction 

Discover fresh ideas to rejuvenate your team and alleviate burnout.

Objective: Cultivate a dynamic and confident Customer Care team 

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